General Liability Claims Reporting

It is important that all persons understand the scope, intent and limitations of liability coverage. Pastors and persons holding positions of authority should be extremely cautious about discussing, interpreting or assuming liability.

If someone is injured on your premises, obtain the pertinent facts and names and addresses of all witnesses. Tell the injured person that you carry liability coverage and that the claim will be referred to your carrier. A fair and impartial investigation will be made by an adjuster to determine the facts as to whether or not the parish is guilty of negligence. Do not under any circumstances admit liability or prejudge the facts. By doing so, you could be exposing the parish and the Diocese of Lafayette to a claim unnecessarily or to a claim which might exceed the amount of liability coverage carried.

If you should be approached by anyone other than our adjuster, do not give a statement or deposition. Simply refer that person to our adjuster.

If you are served a Summons, refer this promptly to our adjuster. Please keep in mind that each Summons contains a deadline.

Report all claims to:

Catholic Mutual
Tel: 800-228-6108
Fax: 402-551-2943
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.