Risk Management Workshop

Risk Management Workshop

When: November 13th 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon

Where: Diocese of Lafayette, Fusilier Auditorium, 1408 Carmel Dr Lafayette, LA 70501


*There is no fee to register/attend this workshop*

Session Descriptions

Active Intruder training (updates for both Church and School)
The latest updates for active intruder training will be shared during this session.  We will share the latest information on mobile apps along with products such as panic buttons and door barricade devices.  In addition we will share tips for religious education programs (CCD), general office settings, and take a deep dive into police response.  

Ryan Fitzgerald, ARM of the Diocesan Office of Risk Management will present this session.

Archives: Sacramental Records, School Records, Legal Documents, and Architectural Plans
This session will provide information on how to handle the most important and permanent documents of the Church/School.  Discussion will center on proper storage, retention schedule, recovery of damaged permanent records, and many important resources available. Each Church and School that attends will be given a special archival quality pen to use for permanent hand written records. (Funding for the special pens provided by a Catholic Mutual grant)

Barbara DeJean and Candy Brunet of the Diocesan Archives department will present this session.

I’ve fallen and can’t get up!
Over the last year the number of employees involved in serious injury related to falls has significantly increased.  Many of these types of injuries are preventable.   We are concerned about the impact on these employee’s lives and want to share information that will help all employees prevent these very serious injuries.  There are several simple and more important inexpensive tips that will be shared.  Please take this information back to your Church/School and make a difference for your hard working employees.

Damian Simoneaux from Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation (LWCC) will present this session.

*There is no fee to register/attend this workshop*